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Hello and welcome to my website! A little about myself first, I am a software developer with experience using a number of different programming languages ranging from simple XML to more difficult Object Oriented Programming. I am not a master by any means but, I like to keep my feet wet in just about everything. I'm not afraid to take on any challenges. Before I picked up programming, I joined the Army National Guard as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. Almost a year after that I joined the University of North Georgia ROTC program and graduated three and a half years later with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. While in school, I took as many programming classes as possible in order to diversify my skills and to be a well-rounded programmer. Some of the classes I took were: Java, C/C++, Web Development includng: HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript; Mobile App Development with a focus on Android and iOS; and a Computer Graphics and Gaming class where I picked up C#.


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Currently, I am in the process of building up more experience so that I might become a better programmer. I have completed a few projects for other people as well as more projects just on my own. As of now, my biggest client has been Aeon Global Health. They have hired me on a contract basis to maintain and update their websites that they control. This has given me a great amount of experience in programming. I am always looking for more work to better improve myself as well as provide a service for people who need it.

Im really good at:



Web Design


Game Design


Drone Photography

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Here are some of my latest works
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<a href='http://theaeonfoundation.org/' style='text-decoration:none' class='w3-hover-text-light-green' target='_blank'>TheAeonFoundation.org</a>
<a href='http://aeonglobalhealth.com/' style='text-decoration:none' class='w3-hover-text-light-green' target='_blank'>AeonGlobalHealth.com</a>
A picture of the neighborhood behind my old house. Just at 200ft taken in the Winter of 2017.
<a href='http://georgiasbesttreeservice.com' style='text-decoration:none' class='w3-hover-text-green' target='_blank'>GeorgiasBestTreeService.com</a>
<a href='http://nerdislander.com/apps/conquestking/Scroller2.html' style='text-decoration:none' class='w3-hover-text-red' target='_blank'>Conquest King</a>, A game I made in C#. It uses a log in and highscore system as well as many other features. I modeled the character myself. The background and platforms are made using an algorithm.
	  You'll need to be on IE, Firefox, or Opera in order for the Unity Webplayer to work.
A penguin I modified in Blendr by adding a top hat and cane and then I printed it using a 3D printer.
This is a very simple and crude social site I made with mobile responsiveness in mind. It writes and reads from a MySQL Database, allowing users to login and post to the newsfeed.
This is a mock up website Aeon asked me to create for them. It ran a looping background video as well as had a responsive design.



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Suwanee, GA
Email: dtbarrett49@gmail.com

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